About The Brand

EZ-Path fire-stopping barrier systems, introduced to the market by Cablofil, are designed in the most ideal way to prevent the spread of fire inside the building in order to protect the investment made.

EZ-Path fire-stopping barriers provide the desired insulation and prevent the spread of fire by rapidly expanding and swelling when exposed to fire or high temperature thanks to the foam consisting of a special substance contained in them. Thanks to its structure, which also prevents the spread of sound and smoke, it also acts as an acoustic and air barrier, providing complete safety.

EZ-Path fire-stopping barrier systems, which can be used integrated with wire mesh cable pans, provide easy and fast installation, while the cable can be added or reduced at any time without any processing thanks to its flexible structure.

EZ-Path fire-stopping barrier systems guarantee the highest protection in all kinds of industrial and commercial applications, as well as in data centers.

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