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with commercial activities covering 180 countries, more than 36 thousand employees and about 230 thousand different product references, the Legrand Group headquartered in France offers complete end-to-end solutions for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, from transformers, switchgear products, distribution panels, uninterruptible power supply, cable transport systems, switch sockets, home automation systems, emergency lighting products, lighting control and structural wiring systems.

the Legrand Group, which entered the Turkish electricity Sunday by purchasing Bufer Elektrik in 1990, put its factory in Gebze into operation in 1992.

Estap, one of the leading companies in the cabinet sector in Turkey, joined the Legrand Group in 2008, and Inform Elektronik, Sunday leader in uninterruptible power supplies with 36 years of experience, joined the Legrand Group in 2010.

LCS-Legrand has a high quality and rich product range with Structured Cabling Systems, end-to-end copper and fiber optic cabling solutions developed for office and data center applications, as well as complementary products such as cabinets & accessories and fiber optic cable channels.

FIBERA is the Authorized Distributor of LEGRAND LCS - Structured cabling products in Turkey since 2002.

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